West Side Story ★★★★½

Sometimes certain films fluctuate between levels of relevancy and merit at any given time period. There is no doubt that "West Side Story" is good (though not perfect) but lately it has bared a certain truth that deserves looking into in this day and age, thus making it an important and necessary film. That and the musical score is just way too catchy. There is definitely a lot of entertainment and laughs to be had through the various song and dance routines. At the end of the day though I think it is the brilliant camerawork that deserves most of the credit. Though credit must also be given to Natalie Wood as well, she excels and outshines in her role. The supporting cast also does a very good job. The dance choreography is just a sight to behold. Overall it is a great adaptation of Romeo & Juliet. Mixing the story into a modern New York setting yields great results here. An excellent choice for when one has friends over. Natalie Wood in the finale is probably one of the best displays of emotion to ever grace cinema. Would definitely recommend and hopefully one day I'll get to rewatch this on the big screen.

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