The Alpinist

The Alpinist ★★★★

A doc on Marc-Andre Leclerc, a true dirtbag (a term of endearment in the climbing community). No car, no phone, no apartment, but with a mattress in a stairwell as his home base, he can embrace his passion for his girlfriend Brette and free solo his way to the top of the world.

Equal parts hilarious and horrifying as this carefree Canadian kid wins you over with his crooked smile then makes you gasp as he climbs snow, ice, and rock without a plan to make his way up, or any gear for protecting him from falling down.

Reminds me of THE WORLD BEFORE YOUR FEET, the documentary on Matt Green, a guy who survives by cat sitting for a free place to sleep, so he can follow his passion of walking every street in NYC with no ambition or hope of cashing in on the project. Just a pure labor of love.

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