The Green Knight

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This review may contain spoilers.

“Is this really all there is?” - Gawain
“What else would there be?” - The Green Knight

Only after you’ve accepted the inevitability of death are you able to conquer it and truly live.

Well, I knew this film deserved a second viewing, so I went back to the theater after a couple hours of Wikipedia reading all about the themes, motifs, courtly romance, the knight’s code and Christian allegory in the poem that was adapted into the film.

I understood more (see below) - still don’t know what those giants represent - but it was the flash forward that struck me differently. Could Gawain have saved Arthur or his son with the green sash? Was he so selfishly and desperately clinging to life the he became infected with the green mold of rot?

Layers upon layers of themes but some of my favorite were:

Paganism & femininity vs Christian chivalry. AKA nature vs Grace 

Gawain is faultless in his faults and we must take the hero’s journey no matter how human we are

One heroic act isn’t what makes you a hero. It’s your actions throughout your life that define your true character. 

The Green Knight's series of tests shows Gawain the weakness that has been in him all along: the desire to use his will pridefully for personal gain, rather than submitting his will in humility to God.

Do the right thing. Not because you expect a reward, but because it is the right thing to do.