• The Program

    The Program

    A roid raging football player in Misfits-esque horror makeup is sitting on the bench post victory and his tears of joy are creating a muddy mess on his face.Β 

    When dumb fun and social commentary on the corruption of college football meet on the gridiron, it just creates a muddy mess of a melodrama.Β 

    This would be funner if it was much dumber!

    P.S. The main character is on the poster 3 times. Is that a record?

  • Pretty Woman

    Pretty Woman


    The Hollywood hooker with a heart of gold fairy tale premise is pretty ridiculous, but Julia Roberts is so ridiculously beautiful and effervescent that it’s easy to look past the film’s flaws.

    I think I’ve seen a little bit of a lot of Julia Robert’s films on cable TV, but this is one of the few I’ve seen all the way through.

  • Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

    Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives


    A minimalist approach to exploring the metaphysical mythology of Thai Buddhism.Β 

    Make sense? The less you know going in, the better. Don’t spoil it by watching the trailer! Just surrender to the slow pace and simple surrealism.

    Just know that it won the Palme d’Or, has a good rating on here, and if you’re up for something unlike anything else you may have seen, this will deliver.

  • Brimstone & Glory

    Brimstone & Glory


    β€œThe scars on our skin are from the saint reaching down and pulling us from the fire.”

    A visual feast that explodes off the screen in this 67 minute documentary about Mexico’s national pyrotechnics festival honoring Juan de Dios, the patron saint of firework makers.

    The people of Tultepec are bound to fireworks through heritage and a lack of other work. We briefly meet the firework makers, artists, and families who create the pleasure, and the army of police and…

  • Bad Trip

    Bad Trip


    When chaos erupts in the streets, God bless everyone who lends a helping hand rather than pulling out a phone to record. πŸ™>πŸ“±

    Less chaotic than the Eric Andre Show.
    More more chaotic than a Tiffany Hadish comedy.Β 
    Way less dramatic than a Lil Rel Howery film. (I’ve only seen him in Get Out and Judas And The Black Messiah)

  • Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution

    Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution


    A life affirming film! You get big laughs and big cries!

    Camp Jened in upstate New York started a revolution in the early 70s for people with disabilities. The summer camp wasn't offering state of the art physical therapy or or avant-garde education techniques. The radical idea was to treat all kids like kids!

    While at home they may have been banned from going to school, had a segregated class in the basement, or locked away in a dehumanizing institution,…

  • Peter Pan

    Peter Pan

    So... you're telling me that the boy who lurks outside children's windows to lure them away from their parents, and lives with 6 other boys is sooo irresistible that a fairy, mermaids, and a princess all want a piece of Peter Pan? The only female characters that aren't interested are the two moms, because they can tell he got mommy issues...

    I watched this because WENDY is in a heated battle with SOUND OF METAL for my favorite film of the year, and I wanted to better understand the Peter Pan mythology in WENDY.

    Rule of threes: WENDY.

  • Funny Girl

    Funny Girl


    Whether you’re laughing at it or with it, FUNNY GIRL brings the giggles.

    With all the Jewish humor and Omar Sharif’s puffy pirate shirt, this made me long for the day when deep fake technology can replace Jerry with Babs for every episode of SEINFELD.Β 

    STREISAND will be must see TV... or a drag queen show to die for.

  • Nate: A One Man Show

    Nate: A One Man Show

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    NATE: A ONE MAN SHOW is a performance art / drag show / standup special / improv jam / debate that Natalie Palamides orchestrates with the audience, and she played me like a fiddle.

    I’m laughing at the ironic alpha male dick jokes, cringing at the intentionally awkward audience interactions, and when Nate / Natalie assks if the message is clear, I don’t think it is, but I do think that lack clarity makes it clear that we have to have the conversation.Β Yeah?

    Informed AND enthusiastic consent.

  • Walkabout



    WALKABOUT is the film that launched the Australian New Wave, and 50 years later it is still thrilling to see how playful and innovative visual storytelling can be.

    Editing that juxtaposes the beautiful but brutal essence of nature with the sterile but safe city lifestyle. Cinematography that zooms in on insects crossing grains of sand and pulls back to show man's small place in the vastness of the outback. Sound design the blends technology, the human voice, animals calls and…

  • Possessor


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    With his passion for throat rippin', MacGruber would have been a great addition to this already stellar cast.

    POSSESSOR is so full of style that it is spewing from the jugular vein and creating a pool on the floor.

    The superb practical effects lead to great body horror. But themes of media/technology as a parasitic presence in your thoughts making you feel as your mind and body aren't your own were underdeveloped, so the psychological horror never sunk in, and…

  • Magnum Force

    Magnum Force


    "You know, when police start becoming their own executioners, where's it gonna end? Pretty soon, you'll start executing people for jaywalking, and executing people for traffic violations. Then you end up executing your neighbor 'cause his dog pisses on your lawn." - Dirty Harry Callahan

    That's a rare moment of truth in a film that gets tangled up in its own twisted logic of dirty cop vs death squad cops. This film works best when it is big dumb fun and shows what the 80s action film would become.