zola is a treat. zola is also the first film to dazzle from inside a cellphone's interface. bravo's sounds and images—candy-sweet, cyanide-laced—impart the feeling of being extremely online. many have tried this; it's possible only bravo has succeeded

what lead us online are our bodies: sumptuous, various, fraught. we need answers. bravo and harris' screenplay cuts to the chase of what i can only call Instamacy: bonds forged in the fire of follow-back identification—ridiculous, fabulous, and doomed

unforgettable: zola, in a tense moment, disassociating. fade-in of an aughts-era mac screensaver: a dazzling loop of what looks like a bioluminescent starfish flailing around in the pit of the sea. you'll know it when you see it if, like me, you've already spent hours of your life staring at it

i'm biased and i love a lot of the people who made this movie but tbh it rocks

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