Dora and the Lost City of Gold ★★★

I finally watched Dora And The Lost City Of Gold and it was surprisingly not horrible. Listen, obviously, this movie wasn't great but it surprisingly did have a lot going for it. It's a solid film for a family to just sit down and enjoy, it was actually a lot of fun and entertaining. The whole movie is over the top and is filled with cliches and lazy writing but the movie was made to be stupid fun for kids and families to enjoy which is what this movie was.

I also thought the scenery in the film was gorgeous and it actually had some great shots. The acting wasn't nearly as bad as I expected and I actually enjoyed the cast especially Isabela Merced who's actually a great actress. I will say that I wish they gave more purpose to the supporting cast because most of the characters in the film just feel completely useless and pointless most of the time.

The movie did also have some funny jokes despite how corny and stale the movie could get. I will say that the pacing was great but it definitely had some tone issues, at times the movie didn't know what it wanted to be and I think a big reason why was because this film jumps from setting to setting a lot and the story makes a huge shift every time it happens. Towards the end the movie kind of drags because the film just gets lazier and more obvious so it is a little hard to watch.

Overall this film really impressed me and surprisingly entertained me for the most part. It has some beautiful shots and great moments. Dora And The Lost City Of Gold is the perfect family film to come out of this year and is definitely a film I'd recommend if you are looking for some stupid family-friendly fun.

Rating: 6/10

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