Pet Sematary ★★★

Pet Sematary (2019) is one of those films you watch and just expect to hate but you leave the theatre surprised that you actually enjoyed it or at least that's how my experience. My girlfriend went to see this for me and she's a huge Stephen King fan even though she hates horror, she read the book loved it, watched the movie liked it but she didn't like that the remake was so different from the original source material. I'm including that because she's right, this film is shockingly different than the other variants of this film but personally that's one thing I liked about it. You could tell that a lot of artist liberty was taking in this and I personally think it actually worked out for the film. The reason why I liked how different it was is because it had a little level of freshness to it and it didn't feel like I'm just rewatching a slightly different version of the film I watched earlier that week. The cast was pretty great as far as I'm concerned which wasn't very surprising since I've been a huge fan of Jason Clarke's work since Mudbound and he just proved to me again how talented of an actor he really is. I'd say you should check this movie out but it does have a lot of flaws, it can be very generic, very predictable and it doesn't come close to hitting that fear factor for me at least but with that being said my girlfriend found it terrifying so I guess it all depends on the person. Another thing is this movie isn't really even close to being much of a slasher, the film is more toned down, a little slow and very psychological so if your a fan of generic psychological horror films then this should do the trick for you.

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