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  • Shithouse



    Surprisingly great, a fantastic and engaging story with some great acting! Definitely an indie film worth watching.

  • Inside Out

    Inside Out


    2021 Blu-Ray Watch #2

    Inside Out is a film that I've always viewed as a good film but one that has never really connected with me in the way it clearly has connected with the majority of people and part of that way because when I originally watched this film I was a young teenager in class and used to hate watching movies in school because I was too distracted but even after multiple watches by myself I still felt…

  • Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

    Ma Rainey's Black Bottom


    Chadwick is sensational and shines on screen every scene he's involved. With that being said this entire cast is fantastic and I really loved everything about this film from the incredible pacing to the fantastic screenplay.

  • The Trial of the Chicago 7

    The Trial of the Chicago 7


    I've been excited to watch The Trial Of The Chicago 7 since when I first seen it pop up on my Netflix menu but I haven't really had the time to watch it so I had to put it off. Now after finally watch the film I only regret not watching it immediately and taking this long to finally give this film a chance.

    I think it goes without saying that this film definitely has a very interesting premise just…

  • Onward



    I've watched pretty much every Pixar film that Pixar has ever made and yet I don't think I've ever had so many conflicting opinions about one after watching one in the way I did about this movie. Onward was weird to me because despite it's the simplistic approach at the themes the film deals with it still managed to catch me off guard from time to time.

    Originally I was really excited to watch this film when the information was…

  • Tully



    This film not only captures the horrors and miracles that comes with raising children (motherhood specifically) but it does a great job venturing through the complications of marriage and just the hardships that come with life. Overall a great film with a fantastic cast and a beautiful story.

  • Regular Show: The Movie

    Regular Show: The Movie


    Regular Show is probably one of my favourite animated television series ever created and this film was so incredibly well made and did a great job at capturing the heart and satire of the series. Aside from that, I thought the story was interesting and I loved that the film was not just about Mordecai and Rigby's friendship but more about Rigby as a character, his depth and how he's grown over the years. I feel like this film holds a lot of emotional value that ties in with the series as well and at the end of the day was truly just a great film.

  • The Lovebirds

    The Lovebirds


    I don't get why The Lovebirds is getting so much hate. I mean I can understand why everyone wasn't pleased with this film but I personally thought it did a lot right and it was able to easily pull me in. A Rom-Com is, in my opinion, one of the hardest sub-genres to do right, especially since there needs to be a strong element of realism to really draw your audience in and it's very easy to make small mistakes…

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    Check out my full review on Invisible Man!

    Link - youtu.be/UbTyscwNdkA

  • Thoroughbreds



    I've finally watched the famous Thoroughbreds! This film was not what I expected, it was unusually dark but meshed subtle and dark comedy with intensity and suspense very well. The ending was incredible and the build-up to it was graat. The cast was fantastic and this is the kind of film I'd want to dive deeper into so expect a more legit review tomorrow.

  • The Endless

    The Endless


    I was really iffy on the premise of this film and even as they added these twists and hints I still couldn't tell if I really liked this film or not. I mean there were definitely things I liked about it and all the performances were strong but the editing and pacing definitely felt off. It wasn't really until the last 40 minutes of this movie that I really felt truly engaged and interested.

    I was genuinely creeped out but…

  • She's Out of My League

    She's Out of My League


    Lots of fun, charm and heart. At times you can find yourself questioning the intent of this film but I think at its core the film is genuine with a strong message of self-acceptance.