Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Solace ★★★½

You know how I said in my Casino Royale review that I probably won't be watching other Bond films any time soon? Well... maybe I lied.

Idk why I so confidently said that none of them would be able to come close to Casino Royale, because this sequel isn't all that far below it in quality. Yes, it's not as much of a cool, smartly-directed spy/espionage movie, which I of course would've preferred (re: my Casino Royale review), but as far as the action goes it's pretty engaging (although unfortunately not very well directed, distractingly so at points). More important though is how the approach this film takes is more fitting for the story it's telling, by which I mean the story at its core; a man broken by tragedy, combined with an inherent violence within him, is cut off from the establishment with the message that no one can or should be trusted, and sets off on an intense, ruthless mission of revenge.

I'll concede that it's a very different film from its predecessor, which is perhaps why so many people view it as a disappointment. But although Casino Royale's deconstruction of the character may be more interesting from a conceptual standpoint, Quantum of Solace's reinvention of James Bond as a brutal, nihilistic, almost-anti-hero is sure as hell entertaining.

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