Bronson ★★★½

Recommended to me by Letterboxd member Ron.

My very first thought after watching about 45 minutes of the film: wouldn't it be so much easier to just shoot him in the head. Clean shot, right between the eyes.
Later on I was convinced that, as he phrases it so beautifully himself, "ripping his head off, and shoving it up his own arse" would be a much more satisfying alternative.
But for some strange reason, I ended up being slightly fascinated instead, and overcame my initial bloodlust and general annoyance.
Don't get me wrong, I still want this guy to burn. Yet, Tom Hardy did a great job playing totally insane.
I'm not sure I can get over the weirdness of the film, but I'd rather have had it this way, than yet another dead serious prison film, and yawn.

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