3 Hearts

3 Hearts ★★★½

“3 Hearts” starts with Marc(Benoit Poelvoorde), a tax accountant, missing the last train back to Paris. To console himself, he gets a drink and then asks Sylvie(Charlotte Gainsbourg) about local hotels. They bond so well that they agree to meet in Paris in a few days’ time. Except Marc cannot make it due to heart trouble. So, Sylvie leaves with her boyfriend Christophe(Patrick Mille) to go to Minneapolis. That leaves her sister Sophie(Chiara Mastroianni) in charge of the family antiques business and in bad need of tax help. That’s where Marc comes in, being back in town on business.

So, I’m sure all of that sounds cute and/or romantic to you, right? But not to director Benoit Jacquot who sees the emotional pain in such a delicate setup, illustrated best by a musical score that is straight out of a horror movie.(That’s not to mention the casting of Charlotte Gainsbourg who has starred in three Lars Von Trier movies.) For example, these are two 30ish sisters who both have no trouble with leaving long term relationships at the drop of a hat or a reasonably charming stranger, although in the case of Sylvie that would also involve giving up Minneapolis for Paris. Granted, not all of it works, especially a third act subplot that goes nowhere, but it’s still an intriguing movie nonetheless.

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