American Honey

American Honey โ˜…โ˜…ยฝ


It took me this long to watch this because the runtime is truly ridiculous. 3h long road movie is asking a lot from the viewer and that is coming from someone who really likes road movies.

The protagonist's travel companions are mostly insufferable youths I have no patience for so thank God for Labeouf's and Keough's characters - the latter so underused - that kept me somewhat interested. Still, there's not enough substance here to justify that runtime. When there are lengthy scenes that could easily be cut the argument "oh, it's a slice of life!" is not really valid when it comes to nearly 3-hour long movie.

At one point our protagonist gets in a car with three complete strangers (all dudes), comes home with them and gets drunk and that was just nerve-wracking to watch. By the third time she got into some strange dude's car I was just exhausted.

The atmosphere and cinematography are nice, but seriously, multiple Lana Del Rey's music videos > this.

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