Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★★

MCU was built on careful planning, character development and intricate world-building so for their big finale they managed to take fans on an epic trip down the memory lane, where every reference, every connection and every big moment was earned. The franchise, up until 2021 and the brand-diluting TV products existing only to boost their streaming service, almost never failed (save for Mandarin fiasco) so any scandals didn't get much traction. "Johansson supports Woody Allen? Who cares, did you see Cap catch Thor's hammer?! That was amazing!!!"

But DCEU? A chaotic mess since its beginning, not only did most of the movies disappoint in some way (only two of the good ones got the amount of attention and box office success they deserved), but the 'let's pile on' mentality made everyone focus on the behind the scenes stuff. So that memory lane includes the tears of Snyderfans, anal beads, used condoms and dead pigs, a defecating perjurer and at least a dozen of cursed Ben Affleck images, most notably this one.

MCU fans live in Disneyland, but we, fellow DC comrades? We live in a Knightmare.

While Endgame's plot is literally the simplest thing they could come up with (Tony Stark figures out time travel in one evening ffs), the road to being in position of doing that and delivering a crowd-pleasing movie was long and laborious and no other franchise shows the value of planning ahead like MCU does. This is why they succeeded where DCEU and new Star Wars failed so publicly and so embarrassingly. You need to think before you act. If you want to reach the stars, you need to build a ladder first. Otherwise you fall on your ass and die.

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