Candyman ★½

Jordan Peele has truly made it - he now enjoys the same treatment white men in Hollywood do: he wrote and directed ONE good movie and he has been allowed to coast on that for years. Let's be honest here - mirrors and people smiling in a creepy way are to Peele what time and wives dying are to Christopher Nolan.

Apparently August 2021 is the "let's desecrate the 90's masterpieces" month. DaCosta at least delivers two good moments here - the opening titles sequence which had nice atmosphere and one well staged murder. The idea to show the entity in mirrors only is interesting. But while the 1992 film was sophisticated, spooky and even romantic, this is yet another example of modern film-making being soulless and unable to engage the viewer entirely. It's too sterile and too staged, you never fully escape inside this world you are watching. It never pulls you in, luring you, calling out to you, like the original did. On top of that, this isn't a film that exists to tell the story, this is a film that exists to pander and lecture in a pedestrian and annoying way. It's barely even a film, it's an agenda packaged as one. It's not entertaining, it's not interesting, frankly it's irritating that it even exists. It has no value. They traded gothic romance vibes from the first movie for superhero origin movie vibes. The cinema is dying.

The script here is a damn mess without any subtlety or logic - I always enjoy a good body horror element but this was just silly, no one is mentioning the state of that hand? And don't even get me started on the whole white girls being dumb subplot which is entirely disconnected from the rest. There is a lot of moments missing from the trailers and scenes that seem random - it certainly looks like the film was rewritten, reshot and hacked to pieces in editing room. The less is said about the performances of every single white actor in this movie, with the exception of Rebecca Spence, the better. There is a bunch of animated scenes illustrating what the characters are saying which look like they were stolen from Deathly Hallows. The main character is a selfish asshole, there's really not a single interesting person in this. The way they underused Tony Todd is pathetic.

I could go on but why bother? It's actually just as bad and boring as Reminiscence was, but for not committing an outright plagiarism of my all time favorite movie I am being lenient with my rating here. The score is good (but nowhere near what Philip Glass has created in the original) and Colman Domingo steals the show, for the second time this year.

Skip this and rewatch the original instead.

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