Exodus: Gods and Kings

Exodus: Gods and Kings

me: *scrolling through Ben Mendelsohn's imdb*
Ben Mendelsohn's imdb: "Exodus: Gods and Kings"
me, a sadomasochistic completist: WELL, FUCK!

I mean, I know Ridley Scott is batshit now, but I thought that only happened when he made Alien: Covenant solely to fulfill his fantasies about Michael Fassbender fingering penis-shaped objects and making out with himself, as Scott watches while he is violating Alien lore in the ditch in the background.

But nope, it happened earlier, with this one. Starring a bunch of British and Australian actors (and Marcia from Succession!) - almost all of them miscast and looking like idiots (allow me to quote Tropic Thunder to mr. Edgerton and mr. Mendelsohn - YOU'RE AUSTRALIAN! BE AUSTRALIAN!) - this is just so boring and the eyeliner budget must have been huge.

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