I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot ★★★★½

They open with Death in Vegas' Dirge and legend Rosamund Pike declaring herself to be "a fucking lioness" so I immediately knew I will love it.

First movie in a long time that actually deserves to have the privilage of utilizing Rosamund's amazing talent. Watching her look fabulous and be utterly wicked is a delight even though her character here is pure evil - unlike Amy who never preyed on the truly helpless. Having that angelic looking she-demon vape and surrounding her with smoke was a great visual touch. She does her iconic hair flip, too!

Pike's charisma and the not-too-serious tone of the film make the abhorrent into captivating, It's also aided by fantastic electronic score and great supporting cast. Rotten, impish gem of a film. That ending...I guess the writer is a fan of a certain stylish British crime flick.

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