I'm Thinking of Ending Things ★★

I'm sure Toni Collette is a wonderful and sweet person but Jesus Christ she can make something as trivial as waving creepy.

This started as solid 8/10 and then it just massively collapsed into awful territory. The further you go into this film, the more irritating it becomes, until it reaches a twist so astoundingly derivative that I don't think Kaufman's work can ever be called "original" again, certainly not this movie. The acting, production design and the atmosphere are great but that trite conclusion leaves such a bad taste and ruins the whole film. Also I found the digs - or whatever the hell that was supposed to be - at Robert Zemeckis and Ron Howard to be in a very poor taste. The twist is such derivative garbage that honestly, Kaufman is in no position to take digs at anyone.

After suffering through the latest from Nolan and Kaufman, I don't wanna hear anyone's ramblings about 'time' for at least the next few months.

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