No Time to Die

No Time to Die ★★★

Bravo for that one lady who went "woo!" when Craig was shirtless and for a second there it looked like we may get a glimpse of his penis.

It was not me. I promise.

Craig brings his usual charm and really gives it his best, as always, Zimmer delivers good score (fuck you, I cried!), there are some really cool action moments and Fiennes gets a fun F bomb, but the last hour of this is so dull. Malek, Seydoux (and her lack of chemistry with Craig) and the cliche tactics the writers resort to to tug the heartstrings are simply lame. Jesus Christ, there's even a small child in peril here...

BUT the film is worth seeing for the incredibly enjoyable sequence on Cuba which reunites one of the most wonderful cinematic duos of the last years, Craig and Ana de Armas. Thank you Ana for that outstanding representation of the perfect combination of sexy and cute, I felt represented indeed! Enough with icy femme fatales, let women be human and vibrant! More of Craig/Armas pairing! More of men shaking women's hands and congratulating them instead of looking for ways to get them into bed! Everything about that part of the movie was indeed excellent.

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