Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★½

This didn't sparkle with me. At all. That whole "I'm gonna talk to rapists and make them see errors of their ways" plan is the dumbest shit I've witnessed in a while. My lovely friend Katy explained so well how silly the protagonist's whole scheme was.

I noticed female filmmakers who make movies about rape tend to feature extremely violent scenes involving women but not men. If the intended audience is male in order to show them how despicable those actions are I'm afraid this will be as successful as Cassie's plan. It won't change anyone. And for female audience that's traumatic to watch and doesn't allow us to experience the escapism we deserve. It doesn't help that Cassie letting women think they were raped/someone close to them was is so much worse than what she does to men in this movie. And Cassie....what an unbelievable protagonist. She spends her time hating men and exacting revenge on them, however stupid her plan is, but she eagerly and gleefully jumps into a relationship with one of them? Please. This film is so perplexing and misguided I find it hard to believe actual human beings are creative force behind it, let alone women.

Mulligan's work, the music and the visual side are great but If you want to watch a great girl power movie with awesome aesthetic and music without triggering moments with very little payoff go for Birds of Prey instead.

PS: Casting Richard Splett as anyone other than a super nice guy is just odd.

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