Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★½

I know.
I know.
What the fuck is happening here? Why am I rewatching this again when I trashtalk this movie all the time?

This is like that time when Chandler watched the video of a birth THREE times.

In fairness, as I was killing time at work today and tweeting both Oscar and Baby Yoda gifs (which is 99% of what I do on twitter) I was reminded of DaddyPoe giving BB-8 tummy rubs. A normal person would just watch clips on youtube or stare at the gifs. But I am not a normal person.

And also this is the movie that started the thirst. No, no. I sat through Mojave. This is love.

Yes, gather around, for another tale from the batshitland.

I was there, December 14th, 2017, bored as fuck early on and since I was on my own in the cinema I was like "oh good, if I fell asleep here I am probably gonna get murdered". And I think this was when Carrie Fisher slapped him and I was like "how can you slap him, he's so cute".

And that was the SPARK.
That lit the FIRE.
That burnt the rest of my SANITY down.

So I focused on Poe and managed not to slip into a coma. And that led to an epic Xmas break of watching almost all of Oscar's movies. So thanks to that I saw Inside Llewyn Davis. But, again, I also saw Mojave so...

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