Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★½

First of all, WB's marketing for Birds of Prey is so fucking inept that it makes ME, the person whose nickname comes from one of Batman: The Animated Series episodes about Harley Quinn, not wanna see it. If they care so little, why should I care at all? As I type this, the review embargo has not even been lifted yet, even though the social media reactions are great. I have the bad fortune of being hyped most for 3 WB releases this year and it's just so tiring. Joker got all the help, but this has the final trailer released less than a month before the release? I see you, you sexist fucks.

This movie is a good evidence of WB's stupudity. The film was impossibly mangled in post production and that was not even made secret, the embarassment was very public. And after how WB treated Jared Leto - cut out most of his scenes but centered the marketing around him so that in the end he was the face of this fiasco and his career never recovered after this - I am kinda surprised anyone signs contracts with them.

But this movie is still more watchable and definetly more enjoyable than Snyder's loud and obnoxious nonsense. Robbie, Smith and Jay Courtney of all people are really good. Plus the soundtrack is just terrific, "Heathens" has gotta be one of the best songs recordeded for a movie in recent years. And the rest of it is in "so bad it's funny" category.

WB continues to make decisions that are worrying and frustrating. I am not sure what is worse - making movies that suck but at least backing them all the way and making sure people are aware they are coming out OR making good films but totally failing them. I think it's the latter. It's a disgrace that the Black Widow movie, that is coming sooo late in the series and Marvel Studios should be called out about that all the time may actually outgross Wonder Woman 1984 which looks absolutely amazing. The one thing WB deserves praise for is how early, comparing to Marvel, they made a female led CBM.

Do better, WB. As it stands you don't deserve these characters and you definetly don't deserve people's money.

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