The Game

The Game ★★★★

The flashbacks in this film have strong Succession opening titles vibe.

It's only Saturday and the weekend is already not going well with Fincher's new movie sucking and Disney putting Baby Yoda in shackles. You free him this instant! You return him to his hot father! Goddammit! *pauses* *holds back tears* I'm fine. I'm FINE.

So I needed to remind myself why I love Fincher and I rewatched this one. While this movie has probably the most ridiculous story of all of his movies it's precisely that and Michael Douglas' performance - you can tell he is really enjoying himself - that make it such a guilty pleasure among Fincher's movies. This is actually even more fun than I remember and since it's been such a long time since I watched it I didn't remember most of the twists here. It's well made, well acted and completely unpredictable. Such an underrated movie that I hope more people will revisit now.

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