The Hunt

The Hunt ★★★½

Your mama told you that story?

This was so much fun, huge Ready or Not vibes here, albeit with tons of politics stuff thrown in - but not so much that someone from outside of U.S., like me, would be lost. Some of it is painfully on the nose but given how it's satire it's not that annoying.

Betty Gilpin is so wonderful here. I loved her ever since she told the main dude in American Gods that she wants him to cum in her mouth so she can spit it out on the grave of her cheating husband and then shouted she is trying to get her dignity back. Good God, her POWER 🤘🌟 Her character, Crystal, is such a terrific horror heroine badass. I have "best line delivery" category in my end of the year awards and I am guessing nobody this year is going to top "you fucked up, BITCH!". Her expressions throughout the film are even more hilarious. Gilpin's performance really elevates the whole film. Best part is that in the end, we don't know if she responds truthfully or not to the last question she is asked. Thanks to Gilpin's acting both answers are possible.

So nice to see Hilary Swank too and that final fight reminded me of Uma Thurman and Vivica A. Fox in Kill Bill vol. 1.


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