The Many Saints of Newark

The Many Saints of Newark ★★½

I cheered at Junior's "makings of a varsity athlete" comment like comic book crowd cheered when Cap caught Thor's hammer.

The Sopranos is the greatest show of all time, this is sadly just an average film that happens to be its prequel. It doesn't have the same feel or energy as the show did, that amazing slice of life mixed with the excitement of witnessing the behind the scenes of mafia and soul and mind of a charming narcissist. At least it doesn't tarnish its legacy, but it doesn't add anything to it, it just is. Vera Farmiga captures Livia perfectly while also channeling Carmela and Jon Bernthal is a charismatic delight as usual. But sadly the characters we know and love like Silvio and Paulie are basically extras here. There is no depth to anyone here, a far cry from the incredible writing in the series. The difference in quality is so stark I can only deduce David Chase purposely wrote it badly. It's so, so shallow and it's a story that absolutely cannot stand on its own so he resorts to show/nostalgia bait and MCU-style cameos of the characters we know. The best thing about the movie is the iconic theme song featured at the end of it.

It's to The Sopranos what The Irishman is to Goodfellas - where is the wit, where is the spark?! All this time, that effort...for this? Of all the possible stories from this universe why on Earth did they think this one was worth telling? Just rewatch any two episodes of the series instead.

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