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  • Spenser Confidential

    Spenser Confidential


    Everything involving Winston Duke: YES! Give me A Man Called Hawk reboot now. 

    Everything involving Iliza Shlesinger: NOPE.

    Also I could watch an extended film where Marky Mark gets mauled by a dog for 90 minutes. Bark Wahlberg.

    Edit: my phone thought I meant nailed instead of mauled and that’s a very different movie that I don’t want to see.

  • Dirt



    When the DVD is over it takes you straight to a menu that has a gag reel and my first thought was “nah, I just sat through 9 of them.”

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  • The Last Dragon

    The Last Dragon


    This is a prime example of a movie I find hard to review. This movie is practically part of my DNA and while I recognize it as technically a “bad” movie by all conventional standards, it’s pretty much my prototypical example of a great one. I’ve even wavered on a star rating but truth be told, I need to relax the traditional film critic way I view things and realize that any movie that I’ve seen this many times and can practically recite line by line from memory deserves a 5 star rating.

  • Jingle All the Way

    Jingle All the Way


    This may be the most morally bankrupt Christmas movie of all time. A) Complain the dad is working despite being the single income for family. B) Then complain that he isn't buying the latest hot toy which equals hate him for not buying your love. C) Forget all that when he bumbles into a situation where he looks like super popular toy and saves the day. Repeat for wife with "hilarious" post credits scene.