The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★★

A nearly flawless movie. Comedic, dramatic, spot-on cinematography, excellent acting, the costumes, the sets, the editing, the dialogue, the score, and the political satire make this the best film of the year next to Roma. The Favourite was robbed at the oscars. If the Academy cared anything about the art of filmmaking they would've given most of the awards to Lanthimos and his cast and crew.

My personal take on the film is I found it a great satire of politics, most specifically the ones in my own country. (I'm unaware of the politics in other countries as I try to avoid as much involvement here in the U.S.) There was an interesting allegory of the childlike queen who never does anything, and is not emotionally stable enough to even act upon decisions, and those around her persuading her to do things. I often noted that the president in my country does very little. Congress are the ones who make the laws while the big man just signs off on them. He seems more as a just a face of the government for the public to blame and accuse when things go bad. He's always had the illusion of power, while the two idiotic political parties try to sway him to their side. "The Favourite" is basically a scathingly hilarious and dramatized depiction of this set up at play in a feature length film. That basically the Queen or president just sits around waiting for some busty lawman to ... (substituting for a more vulgar term) "Sway" her into agreeing with them. "Ooh, I like her. She likes my rabbits and she f*$@#rs me! Do whatever you want with the war and the country."

Politics are a sham and what a great way to represent that! the film never sacrifices this bitter, engaging rivalry between Rachel Wiesz and Emma Stone for it's message. It's just as technically astounding as it is entertaining. It's so funny, yet there's artistic integrity in every inch you look at this movie. This in my opinion makes it one of the best comedies of the decade and one of the best political satires of all time! Top-notch comedy! Top-notch allegory! Top-notch film! What's not to like?


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