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  • Vertigo
  • Memories of Murder
  • Brazil
  • The Thing

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  • Body Melt


  • God Told Me To


  • No One Will Save You


  • The Mummy


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  • Monos



    There's a shot in which we see two rivers joining to become one; one is cloudy with dirt while the other is clear, but after combining into one the clear water disappears. It's a beautiful and subtle metaphor for the way that war (and violence more generally) clouds everything, destroying the beauty of nature.

    This movie reminded me a lot of a Terrence Malick movie: the way there is so much focus on the tactile, feet in mud, hands in…

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  • Body Melt

    Body Melt


    If Street Trash and Trainspotting had a sentient killer placenta baby, it’d be Body Melt.

    It was definitely fun, but it felt oddly a little reserved in terms of gore and actual bodies melting. You can’t mention that people could explode without having people explode! The music, sound design, and editing are awesome though!

  • God Told Me To

    God Told Me To


    So awesome! The direction the story goes is so surprising and wild.

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  • The Sentinel

    The Sentinel


    HOOPTOBER #8: Satan/Devil-Centered Films

    There are two things that bug me about the movie:

    1) The female character becomes sickly and the plot is taken over by her boyfriend in the last act

    2) The use of people with real deformities as a representation of Hell

    If you can overlook those two icky bits, the movie is pretty great. The ending is stellar and is a worthy payoff of the really twisty and effective mystery.

    Extra points for being the only horror movie I'll probably watch this year featuring a cat birthday party!

  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A deeply unsatisfying end to both the trilogy and the Skywalker saga.



    –I was hit emotionally by a lot of the nostalgia bombs aimed directly at me (Chewie's reaction to Leia's death, Chewie getting his medal, anything around Leia, the Jedi voices, etc.)

    –Keri Russell's character was a welcome addition to the cast, with a cool costume design to boot, even if her main purpose is to ensure we know that Poe is heterosexual (boo).…