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  • The Sword in the Stone

    The Sword in the Stone


    MERLIN: Why, they might even make a motion picture about you.

    ARTHUR: Motion picture?

    MERLIN: Oh. Well, that's something like television... without commercials.

    Those are the final lines of the movie. The most meta and weirdest animated film while Walt was alive.

  • Sleeping Beauty

    Sleeping Beauty


    There are Disney animated films before Sleeping Beauty and Disney animated films after Sleeping Beauty. It feels like no other animated film that came before it. Visually stunning. Every frame is a painting. Eyvind Earle's art direction is incredible and I can understand why Walt Disney gave him full artistic control. I would kill to see a re-release in 70mm. Also, George Bruns' adaptation of the Tchaikovsky ballet score is perfect. One of the greats.

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  • The Comedian

    The Comedian


    I actually do not understand why this has been getting mediocre reviews on this site. Admittedly, I am a borderline-obsessive fan of Mr. Serling (and of early television in general), so I suppose there is an element of bias at play here simply due to plain-old personal interests. But even this blew every expectation I had of Playhouse 90, Rod Serling's pre-Twilight Zone years, and the first decade of television drama completely out of the water. I went into this…

  • Magnolia



    A biblical epic... minus the sand, sandals, and swords. It's biblical in its mystery, wonder, and size. These are tales of humanity in a constant state of discovery and it brings out every shade: the noble and the unforgivable, the lost and the found, the cleansed and the damned. All human. That's the thread that ties these series of stories together. They are all rooted in humanity without judgement (that's for the audience to decide). But for three and a…