Le Samouraï

Le Samouraï ★★★★

Certainly a stylish little number. I've heard about this film for a while now, also hearing that Ryan Gosling's Driver reflects Jef Costello. I can see that, but I also see a large connection to "Ghost Dog," which is one of my favorite Jarmusch films. I like the slight emphasis on habits, and especially how swiftly he draws his weapon when we just saw he had nothing prior. A little heavy in some parts, but never too much. My favorite scene is probably when he is approaching the blond gentleman on the overpass. I like the shot over the blond guy's shoulder, then the swordsman like duel they have with their guns.
Really cool stuff. While it is not perfect, I could watch this film repetitively. I will also say that there is probably enough content to investigate the Costello character and learn who he is, so we shall see.