The Idle Class

The Idle Class ★★★★

"I had some good laughs, but I ultimately felt that the story was lacking a purpose other than being a good gag. Especially at the end, when the tramp purposely avoids any good moral," is what I was going to publish as a review until I realized how wrong I was as I was writing. I began to question my assumption that this story had nothing to say about its characters when I realized just how purposefully void the tramp was of any moral construct. He steals and lies, but to him, he's just getting by, but in the eyes of the idle class, he's an enemy, a nuisance, but most of them time it's not entirely his fault. He did not set out to be mis-identified as the husband, but the laziness in this society and their lack of perception enabled them to mistake him. The tramp is only along for the ride and wants to have fun. Then he literally kicks this society in the ass.