Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★★

It isn't entirely unlikely that I lower my score a tad (especially upon a rewatch depending on how it's able to hold up to multiple viewings), but as of now it's fairly difficult to find legitimate flaw in this film. It cleverly executes its clear goal of parodying and modernizing a classic style while still holding onto the tropes that make the genre great. It cleverly twists (or, if you prefer as this is a word often associated with Rian Johnson: subverts) expectations in ways that only make the movie more enjoyable. This is also essentially an unspoilable movie. While you might expect a movie framed as a classic murder mystery to be ruined by talk of "x person dies" or "x person committed the crime," the movie is written in such a way that simple statements like that can't nearly do the conclusion justice. It's not the type of movie to necessary have anything all that deep to say, that is to say its main goal isn't to make a grand and powerful statement, but it still scratches beyond the surface level with commentary on wealth, greed, liberalism, modern internet culture, the whole nine yards. But overall, this is a movie completely deserving of "popcorn movie" status. It's incredibly fun, with fantastic filmmaking and clever writing to back up its popcorn style. It's truly an exhilarating movie-going experience. I could feel adrenaline coursing through my veins as I stood up to exit the theater, something I feel is missing from many modern blockbusters.

It's hard to single out cast members for their performances, as the cast is vast and uniformly very good. It's certainly worth praising Ana de Armas, who pulls off a great leading performance. Michael Shannon has some of the best comedic line deliveries, believe it or not. In general the cast seemed to have a lot of fun with their parts. Toni Collette plays an absolute parody. Jamie Lee Curtis is great, Chris Evans' character may as well be written for him and therefore is played well, Daniel Craig is having the time of his life, I love to see Lakeith Stanfield in anything. Overall an unsurprisingly strong ensemble. The score, production design, and cinematography are over-the-top yet purposeful. And, as previously mentioned, it's a terrifically well written movie. There aren't many people who have the mind to spin a story thread like this, it's insane. While I didn't know WHAT to expect from the film's conclusion, what it ended up being is a series of twists to rightfully compare to the very films that Knives Out is paying homage to.