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  • 10 Things I Hate About You

    10 Things I Hate About You


    David Krumholtz is so so good, good in everything

  • The Aristocats

    The Aristocats


    being a swinging cat, i dug this

    what are some adult films with the thin plot and hangout vibe of disney movies? I love it

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  • Rocks



    Completely vital. Real, impassioned, soulful, funny, moving.
    As powerful as the realism of classic cinema canon that it takes after.
    Left with the spring in your step that only comes after seeing something really great.
    Make all the tories watch it.
    Also, my english teacher was in it?? (and good in it!) That was cool

  • Splash



    i ended up really hating this film, its just ET where he wants to fuck ET, deeply wrong, gross innocent/childlike girl male fantasy fulfilling dumb yuck