Frantic ★★★★

Frantic is a Roman Polanski film starring Harrison Ford and Emmanuelle Seigner that I've only just seen for the first time despite it's reputation as a classic and it's release year of 1988. It follows Harrison Ford, a doctor, who is in Paris with his wife for a medical conference. Whilst taking a shower, his wife disappears mysteriously and the rest of the film deals with his attempts to find her.

This was a very simple film in terms of its overall story but executed very well and with style. I found it extremely enjoyable to watch. I found the various behaviours of the main characters, especially Harrison Fords, very believable as he became increasingly frustrated in his attempts to find his wife in a foreign country with little help from officials. Initially he was out of his depth but as he became more and more immersed in the seedier world that Emmanuelle Seigner lived in, he became more daring and unprofessional in his behaviour. As this happened, there were a few moments of humour in the film which worked well amongst the overall suspenseful tone of the movie. I think it also helped that the viewer also knew extremely little about what was going on. No more than Fords character. Most of the scenes in the movie contained just Seigner and Ford, and to be honest any other actors that appeared in this movie were pretty unmemorable and played little part in the movie.

Overall, a great suspense thriller from a master filmmaker. 8/10

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