Opera ★★★★

Opera is a film I've been wanting to see for a while. It's directed by Dario Argento and many agree that this is his last great film before his decline. It's another black gloves giallo movie and centres around a young opera singer performing at an operatic production of Macbeth. It's not long before the killings start, and the young opera star is forced to watched them by having a strip of needles taped to her lower eyelid (see the movie image for an example).

As with all Argentos films, the dialogue and acting is bloody awful! That's enough said about that, let's move onto the good stuff.

I love Argentos camerawork, it's so inventive and influential. A joy to watch. This film was no different with some great killers eye view camera tracking and inventive kills. The music seemed to bizzarely kick in at inappropriate times and didn't seem to quite go with what was happening onscreen. Strangely, this seemed to make the film more enjoyable! The real highlight though was the crows eye view near the end as it circled the opera house then swooped down over the audience. Mightily impressive!

So overall - another very enjoyable Argento entry to add to the list. I know this is a shorter review than normal but I'm rushing as I have Argentos Inferno waiting to be watched now! 8/10

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