Twelve Monkeys

Twelve Monkeys ★★★★½

This is a film I've miraculously managed to avoid seeing since it came out in 1995. Even more miraculously, I successfully managed to avoid any spoilers! The film is directed by Terry Gilliam and stars Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt (who was oscar nominated for his role in this).

In a future world devastated by a man made virus that has wiped out most of the human population and forced the survivors underground, a convict volunteers to be sent back in time to gather information about the original pure virus before it mutated so that they can find a cure. The only information he has is that the virus was spread by the mysterious 'Army of the Twelve Monkeys' and he's sent back to 1996 which is when the virus caused it's devastation.

A very intelligent script with plenty of twists and turns and enough material to get the old grey matter working in overdrive, even after the film as finishes. Brad Pitts performance was nothing short of outstanding and was genuinely believable as a twitching utter lunatic. He pretty much stole the scene in every scene he was in and was definitely worth the Oscar nomination in my opinion. This was a masterpiece of expert film-making and it's very hard to find fault with it. It had an overall fairly bleak feel to the cinematography which worked well to bring emphasis to the dark vision of the future, and the brooding impending doom of the past. Apart from Brad Pitt, I couldn't really find any fault with the rest of the cast and everything seemed to work together to make it all very believable and give plenty of worrying thoughts to brood upon. In Summary, an imaginative, stylish, and intelligent Sci Fi thriller and well worthy of a 9/10.

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