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  • Suzhou River

    Suzhou River


    A story of a teenager who likes fapping and Suzhou River. (not my review)

    I was 17 during 2007, just got on my first senior year. The raddest book I've ever read was entire work collection of Gu Long. I was a retard, and of course still is a retard. Just like every other countryside self-deprecating, wretched, mess around, waiting to die teenager, friendless and nothing to be happy of, I feel as if my life will stay this way…

  • Amadeus



    Alphabet Club #1

    The moment that leads up to Mozart’s unfinished work being locked in a glass cabinet, a culmination of rivalry between mediocrity and talent, Amadeus amazes me as my first attempt on Milos Forman’s work.

    A movie about a one-sided rivalry that sprung from jealousy, Salieri is painfully aware of his own mediocrity when it comes to music ever since he met Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart is a man who lacks finesse in courtship, his immatureness and insolence…