Detroit ★★★★½

Eyebrows kid. Fucking eyebrows kid.

Detroit is the best film this year. People have been saying that Dunkirk had them tenser than any other movie. This film beats Dunkirk at this.
Kathryn Bigelow directs war movies. Detroit is a war movie, perhaps the best this year. This film is shot like a war movie. Which is unexpected because of it not being a conventional war movie although it works with flying colors. The movie is tense, your heart is beating, you're on the edge of your seat and you're scared shitless.
Algee Smith as Larry does great, he is super believable and his character has a great arc as well Jacob Latimore's character, Fred. John Boyega's character while passive has a great role in the third act which he plays pretty well. The other side characters who were in the motel do wonders making the entire second act feel so real. However there is one actor that I have not talked about yet, and his name is Eyebrows Kid. If Eyebrows Kid doesn't win a fucking Oscar for this shit I'm rioting. He is one of the best and if not greatest antagonist of this year. He expertly shows a racist police officer who is torn between vigilantism and what he deems as "justice" or staying a police officer. I fucking love Eyebrows Kid.
Story wise this film is great, it is something you just have to see. The only complaint I have is that the runtime could be cut by 15 minutes. The entire first act can be cut in half in terms of runtime.

All in all, I beg you to go out and see Detroit.

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