2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★

Nothing but mad respect for the art that was made here.
Wicked talent into each component of what makes a film.

But I just have no clue as to why. Not for lack of trying or not being interested. I honestly just think no one really knows what Kubrick was thinking.

"Art-house" film has the prestige of being self replicative and revelatory in its depiction of humanity. I have no problem with, but what the heck is the point if I'm just so confused there is nothing to reflect on but my own confusion?
Escapism in a new way of having my thoughts taken over for hours after the film.
I have my ideas about evolution and violence, moments of significance and change, intelligence and power, etc. But I don't care there is no emotionally connection in needing to understand beyond wanting to understand.

I've got mad respect for Stanley and his creative prowess, but I'm not gonna lie and claim to love it when I don't. I see how it changed cinema and especially Sci-fi forever.

I'll rewatch it and maybe get it then. But for now... Onto another "blockbuster" or whatever....

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