Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow ★★★★★

This is the third time I've watched this film this year. But the first I have ever written anything. I find it hard to explain my love for this film, but if you want to hear my initial reaction to seeing this, you can listen here on The Basement Binge Podcast.

It is a sci-fi action blockbuster that is a lot of fun, that means a lot to me personally.
Great performances from Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise. Inventive writing. Killer Score. Epic action

Or you can just read it, and then go watch it because I know you will have a great time! Even if it doesn't impact you as much as it does me, I guarantee you will have a blast!


Edge of Tomorrow was actually quite fundamental to the start of the podcast. It all started with the idea of getting together to watch movies, talk about them, and then just have it recorded and shared to the internet. Edge of Tomorrow was one of those films that Kelton pitched as "perfect" for the format, and it was always apart of the conversation when talking about starting a podcast.

It took us a while to actually watch it, but I'm glad it did because it allowed us to figure out some type of flow before commenting about this blockbuster. But it always started as a great time with the boys. That first viewing experience was an absolute blast of a time and led to a very deep and personal conversation with friends I care about. It is a viewing experience that has yet to be replicated.

So it all hits a little differently watching it alone, on my phone, broken up by many separate segments throughout the day. That's partially due to the destruction that type of viewing causes to the editing and pacing, which is something this film has going extremely well!
But sitting alone, without anyone to share this experience with is the biggest difference. 2020 has been quite the year of separation and social loneliness for many. Somehow watching one of my favorites films, and the surprising sadness it brought, is what accentuates that loneliness for me. Edge of Tomorrow is the memory of The Basement Binge Podcast, of sitting at a friend's house with two of my best buddies, eating Wendy's and laughing way too hard at things that aren't that funny - but actually are because the good company creates better humor. Specifically, with Edge of Tomorrow, which was way back in January. A lot has changed since then; it changed when we starting talking over Skype, and then it changed, even more, when they left the show and now it's just me. We are still great friends, but we don't talk and hang out like we used to. We like each other, but life is busy and changing and quite different from how it was in January. But we also don't have a common purpose and reason to get together beyond just hanging out. And in the business of the day in day out, hanging out is usually the last priority.

So if you are still reading, what does any of this have to do with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt wrecking a bunch of mimics? Besides just my memories and melancholy? Quite a bit. The title Edge of Tomorrow is interesting as it illustrates Cage's (Cruise) experience perfectly. He is stuck in a loop (think Ground Hog's Day) and his experience of that loop is continuous, a lot like life right now. He keeps his experiences and growth and development, but he never truly progresses. Always on the edge of tomorrow, the edge of anything being more than just another today. Even when he finally meets someone who understands, Rita (Blunt), it is brand new every day for her. At the end when she says "I wish I had a chance to know you better" it is because she has known him for about 24 hours. 24 hours of war and death. He is alone. It feels different now that almost everyone I talk to (outside my family) is on a flat-screen. My coworkers that I work with every day, I've never actually met them. The "new normal" of virtual interaction may not be as extreme as LIVE. DIE. REPEAT. Somedays, it feels pretty close.

Luckily, two strangers figure it out and "win the war". Everything Cage (Cruise) has done, is to win the war. To finally get to tomorrow! Right now it feels like I am waiting to get to tomorrow. 2021? A vaccine? Wealth? The Dream Job? You name it. Right now I am living the same day over and over to get to that eventual tomorrow. We all are. I have no doubt that eventually, I will get to tomorrow. "Through readiness and discipline we are masters of our fate." William Cage figures it out, Rita Vrataski figured it out, and in the process, they both became total warriors, beyond what any others were. So yeah, I'm figuring it out and I'm sure glad that I don't have to do it alone. I can't wait to realize what I've been able to become in the process of getting to tomorrow.


So when is this happening all over again with LIVE DIE REPEAT AND REPEAT?
Doug Liman, you better not let me down. I have good reason to trust you.

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