Harry Westergaard

Harry Westergaard Pro

Projectionist/ Filmmaker/Godzilla Aficionado

Favorite films

  • Rushmore
  • Harold and Maude
  • Mikey and Nicky
  • Masculin Féminin

Recent activity

  • Poto and Cabengo

  • Rabbitson Crusoe

  • Rabbit of Seville


  • Perfect Days


Recent reviews

  • This Is Me…Now

    This Is Me…Now

    At least J.Lo had the decency to make this barely an hour long... all killer no filler.

  • Ride On

    Ride On


    Probably the most committed performance Jackie has given in quite some time which isn’t saying much. All it amounts to is him doing the bare minimum instead of nothing and a few helpings of his usual weepy mugging. The overriding flaw of the film is how risk averse it is: it’s too afraid to depict Jackie as a flawed father to make the estranged daughter storyline work and not honest enough about the sorry state of Chinese blockbusters to say anything meaningful about Chan’s star image. The biggest surprise was Ozu, Tarkovsky and Kiarostami getting name dropped in a Jackie Chan film.

Popular reviews

  • Snoopy, Come Home

    Snoopy, Come Home

    The most emo peanuts movie, and peanuts is already emo as hell to begin with.

  • Rushmore



    This has been my favorite movie since I was about Max’s age and it was a joy to revisit it with a packed house tonight! Kudos to the next generation of Bijou, the kids are alright!