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  • Planet of the Humans

    Planet of the Humans

    Turned it off halfway through. Doom-mongering that misrepresents data (German energy consumption graph) and disparages renewable energy whilst offering no alternative other than the classic eco-fascist overpopulation argument. Aside from all of this, there’s a five minute breakneck-pace montage with horrendously jarring music about how solar panels are made, and Gibbs’ narration almost drove me to tears with how dull it was - do you truly expect me to be up in arms about this when you cannot even raise…

  • Tenet


    An absolutely fine movie that should have been better. The first act is dreadful, feeling like trailers stitched together between action sequences, and contains some of the worst dialogue I have ever heard in a movie of this scale (but hey, at least you could hear it). The second act is a bit better but still disappointing, I didn't care about the characters and the audio mixing became absolutely dog shit to a wildly frustrating level. The third act redeemed…