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  • Leon: The Professional

    Leon: The Professional


    The Director’s Cut/unrated version

    Dunno if its cos I watched this with my 11 yo daughter but this time the budding romance elements between Mathilda and Leon felt more pronounced and I got the distinct impression that the only thing which kept them from consummating their relationship was Leon’s death. For the whole duration of their relationship Leon never rebuffed her advances on the basis that she is a child (albeit one with a pretty cool hairdo) and he is…

  • I Saw the Devil

    I Saw the Devil



    The film that comes repeatedly to mind while watching this, perhaps surprisingly, is Haywire as both are very similarly structured. The same way that film does not occupy itself with such fripperies as plot this too, spends the majority of its (too long) running time with the elaborate ways devised by a special agent of sorts to exact (pretty painful) revenge on the sadistic and brutal serial killer who killed and dismembered his young and pregnant wife.

    The film…

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  • Dunkirk




    If films are judged according to how often and how well they hit their apparent targets (and they should), then Dunkirk is near flawless. Nolan has explained that he wanted to frame the rescue mission of allied troops from France at the beginning of WWII not as a traditional war film but as a thriller, a tale of suspense and survival, and he has managed to do exactly that. Even for a film telling a well known story, this…

  • The African Queen

    The African Queen


    The fact that this was partly shot on location shooting is not always apparent, but the terrific chemistry Bogart and Hepburn most definitely is. And the story, though it sounds somewhat slight, is actually quite captivating.

    Also quite surprising is that Bogart won his only Oscar for this as, though he is great always he is not really stretched as the gruff, grimy, gin-soaked “captain” of the rickety looking but surprisingly quite sturdy steam riverboat “The African Queen” (he essentially…