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  • Loving Vincent

    Loving Vincent



  • Molly's Game

    Molly's Game



    I dont understand or like poker. Or any card game for that matter.

    So, imho, when it comes to making films about poker, the less time spent at the table, the better. Yes, high stakes and tension are exciting, but if you focus on a complex game for too long the story gets bogged down in jargon. Sorkin seems to understand this and almost never falls foul of the “rule”. In any case, the predictably whip-smart script and some…

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  • Darkest Hour

    Darkest Hour



    There are certain combinations of actor and role that, before even a second of footage has been shot, start screaming ‘AWARD SEASON CONTENDER’. Daniel Day Lewis and Abraham Lincoln. Helen Mirren and Queen Elizabeth II. Meryl Streep and Margaret Thatcher (or Meryl Streep and anyone!). Now Gary Oldman may be a great actor (perhaps one of the greatest British actors working today) but his appearance and demeanour doesnt exactly scream Winston Churchill (who may be the most famous British…

  • Dunkirk




    If films are judged according to how often and how well they hit their apparent targets (and they should), then Dunkirk is near flawless. Nolan has explained that he wanted to frame the rescue mission of allied troops from France at the beginning of WWII not as a traditional war film but as a thriller, a tale of suspense and survival, and he has managed to do exactly that. Even for a film telling a well known story, this…