Choose Me ★★★★

Major blind spot of mine corrected? Check
One of the best directed films of the last thirty years? Check.
One of the most beautiful looking films ever? Check.
One of the best male performances ever (by Carradine of all people, playing some kind of devil or healer)? Check
Two flipping weird performances by Warren and Bujold? Check
Incessant blaring noise by the most vile of musical instruments (the saxophone)? Check
Teddy Pendergrass songs adding to the feel of artifice and theatricality of everything from the script, to the sets, to the performances? Check.
Misguided/tonally weird attempts at comedy and even farce? Check.
De Palmaesque (and Sirkian?) from start to finish? Check.
Operatic? Check
Most of the brilliant things about it actually (and surprisingly) operating to keep the viewer at arms’ length? Check
A meditation on the inevitable “gambling” we do in most of the important stuff in our lives? Check.
A ridiculous, stereotypical and even gormless portrayal of a French lothario? Check.
Was Rae Dawn Chong in every film released in the 1980s? Most probably.

Hal Hartley has this film ingrained in his brain for sure.

Here’s a my list of favourite films from 1982 to 1992:

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