Landline ★★★½


Edie Falco. Edie Falco is a goddess really and she s all that is need to elevate almost any film.

But this particular one has more. It has Turturro being his usual soulful self (as the pater familias), Duplass being quietly heroic and a pretty fun(ny) script. 

It is the trifecta of Falco, Slate and (girl to keep an eye on in future) Quinn who really propel the film forward, which, essentially, is about the relationship of the two sisters (Slate and Quinn) over and above everything else. 

But it unfortunately is also quite haphazard and badly thought out. There is no discernible reason why it’s set in the mid(?) nineties, apart from having an excuse for putting some great indie rock of the time on its soundtrack. Why are the two sisters initially so hostile to each other and how does their relationship suddenly become so fuzzy and close? There is no transition scene(s) providing any explanation. 

So its diverting and enjoyable, yet it could very easily have been pretty great.

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