Léon: The Professional

Léon: The Professional ★★★★

The Director’s Cut/unrated version

Dunno if its cos I watched this with my 11 yo daughter but this time the budding romance elements between Mathilda and Leon felt more pronounced and I got the distinct impression that the only thing which kept them from consummating their relationship was Leon’s death. For the whole duration of their relationship Leon never rebuffed her advances on the basis that she is a child (albeit one with a pretty cool hairdo) and he is not. He did rebuff them but in a way that kinda fudged the issue or even suggested that there are other reasons which would keep it from working (see especially the scene where Leon tells Mathilda about his first and only love expressly explaining that due to what happened with her he would not be a good lover to Mathilda).

It still is lurid but fun, it still has three very quirky performances at its centre, it still has very cool set pieces  and it still has a pretty great soundtrack.

PS: Right after we finished we put on Matilda by Alt-j (which we both love) really loudly and I explained that its about the girl in this film and we sang the words to it really loudly and we had a “moment” and it was lovely.

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