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  • Basic Instinct

    Basic Instinct


    looking to get my brain done fried up by that magna cum laude pussy. 29/lez/white. can host!!

    nearly 50 when he played this role, douglas is roughly 15 years too old to pull off louche loose-cannon charm but exactly the right age to play nick curran, someone who has coasted on that kind of barely submerged brute masculinity for his entire life but these days can't quite keep the mask from slipping. it is really, really scary when he screams…

  • Psychic Vision: Jaganrei

    Psychic Vision: Jaganrei


    a deeply (DEEPLY!!!!) cursed noroi-style documentary about a haunted idol-pop song ... yeah i loved this. effortlessly nails all the marks of hair-raising verite. that first shot of the ghost standing around in broad daylight is not okay at all!!

    the fits are FIRE & all the period/industry detail seems on-point, down to That 80s teen idol haircut. watched without subs which sux but it is easy to follow - u just miss out on the flavor.

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  • Morgan


    you can't put paul giamatti and toby jones in the same movie lol you get one of those guys come on

  • Suspiria



    if argento’s objective was simply to overwhelm, SUSPIRIA 2018 wants to overwhelm with information, context, allusions - like a bloviating undergrad chatting up a disinterested classmate.

    loath as i am to spend any more Mindshare on this logy mess - worth nothing that both the fascism/nazism & the occultist concerns of this movie are present in SUSPIRIA 77. helena blavatsky (markos), the SS officers in the park scene, casting valli from EYES WITHOUT A FACE ... the remake merely shouts them at you. 

    SUSPIRIA 18 is essential viewing for people who find POSSESSION boring and “tonally uneven.”