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  • The Empty Hands

    The Empty Hands


    the screwball music choices, flat TV lighting, and totally logy structure of this just aren’t for me unfortunately

  • Closing Time

    Closing Time

    DNF. calculated ethnography imposing generalist cinéasté hooks on a culture the filmmakers don't belong to ... uncomfortable

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  • Midsommar


    an irredeemable death march through the worst impulses of modern genre cinema, opportunistically pitched and hawked via some vague hashtag me too influencer version of “feminism.” looks like ass too (all these aimless 2:1 wide shots of people standing around in grass, no texture to the image [snooty ik], abrupt shift to ugly blue/orange grade indoors). no one’s ACTING their way through the mf weeds like toni collette did - the one argument that dani and christian have is sooooo…

  • Morgan


    you can't put paul giamatti and toby jones in the same movie lol you get one of those guys come on