Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★★★

wahhhhhhh the slasher movie made for 16 year old girls doesn’t have gnarly enough kills wahhhhh they talk about institutional misogyny and rape culture …. shut tf up. this is good—sincere, even trite at times, searching for a balance between libidinal slasher mechanics & teen message movie stuff. if u saw the prowler in theaters or whatever and own multiple frightrags tees maybe just sit this one out like—its just not for u friend. blumhouse fucked w the fanbase fr

the use of paglia as a structuring element for the movie’s gender politics is clever; pags is a blunt instrument, best deployed for shock & awe. she crumbles if you look at her too closely in the way the slasher falls apart if you start fixating on behavioral logic or psychological soundness lol. 

i would give this 4 stars easy if it settled into the cozy hangout vibe a little more & felt more surefooted in the last third; i don’t have a problem w the circumspect violence but there are stretches where the editing loses pace. as-is, a v interesting effort—in intended audience & tone a lil like fear street 1994 w an agenda

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