Bone Tomahawk ★★★★

sharp, witty script that lulls you into thinking this is gonna be a throwback nostalgia thing. but when the butchery begins, it's flat-out merciless - it's between this and green room for the most brutal violence at the fest. it's so matter-of-fact and clumsy. has shades of ketchum's 'off-season' in its flat affect and thematic concerns: it makes sense that zahler's work (books; this is his first film) has garnered praise from ketchum and lansdale. this is splatterpunk through and through. also zahler called out 'men behind the sun' as a tonal reference point of the violence : )

also, for what it's worth, and i know the hype train is halfway across the world, but this is a more radical western than the keeping room. it's not as flashy about it, but the "idiots" scene is scathing.

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