Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★

maybe it's v v easy to overvalue snyder's DC work because the standard for superhero movies is so fucking low right now — cape comics are fun. they're entertaining. this is pretty easy stuff, the bar is not high. they are genre stories, which doesn't preclude anything interesting or affecting happening in or with them but it does mean they hit on some basic pleasure centers. marvel movies feel like reeducation or captivity or something, they're just dismal factory product with no personal point-of-view.

snyder having things he likes, as a human being, & wants to put into his movies (his continued fixation on excalibur is this time refracted thru steppenwolf's prismatic, rippling chromium armor) is hilariously revelatory in this context after being beaten down by a decade+ of MCU. there are a lot of things in justice league, most of them are entertaining (i was once into comics & this sort of made me remember why), and by the time you get to the end of it i guess it's forgivable that snyder can't help himself from tacking on some deleted scenes. it's a victory lap, and jocks love to run

++ is it just me or did ben affleck seem extremely on downers the entire time??? like go all the way w that i guess, we need a bruce wayne who snorts coke off bimbo titties and pays for 10 abortions a month bc he’s rich and bored, in between sweating it out by pummeling petty thieves. even gal gadot is giving SOMETHING ! a LOT? no! but SOMETHING !!!

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