Magical Mystery Tour ★★

Much more explicitly a couple music videos linked by some semblance of a narrative, but in this case all of the music videos are actually pretty neat, my favorite being The Fool On The Hill. If they had to get a BBC film budget just to do these, I say it was worth it.

As for the rest of the film... it definitely feels like something made by people who know they're not filmmakers and lack any pretension in that department. Everybody is clearly having a complete ball, but this somehow doesn't translate to a viewing experience. For barely under an hour, much of this film manages to feel oddly dull. So much nonsensical shit is going on, but there's nothing to grab onto, and it leaves you pretty empty.

I do recommend it both for the music videos, as well as a strange look at the Beatles, Lennon especially, pretty much right before they completely lost their minds. But don't expect much else.